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Family Law:  Divorce, Custody & Child support

The Law Office of Sean Cody is a full service family law firm.  I specialize in aggressively representing my clients and protecting their rights through trial and appeal if necessary.

Criminal Law

If you have been accused of a crime, I provide zealous representation and work to protect your rights until the case is either dismissed or a jury renders a verdict.

Personal Injury:  Car wrecks and Semi-Truck wrecks

I have worked for the insurance companies in the past and I know their tricks.  I will protect an injured persons rights and make sure that the insurance company and the trucking companies provide fair compensation to my injured client.

Expunction and Non-Disclosure of Criminal Records
Almost every job application comes with a background check of the applicant.  Even people who volunteer to coach their children's little league teams are subject to criminal background checks.  If you have ever been arrested, let me help you seal those records or expunge them permanently.
Firearms Rights and Firearms Trusts

If you want to own a firearm, you are subject to criminal background checks. If you are denied, let me assist you in resolving the denial and protect your Second Amendment rights.   If you want to own silencers and other weapons regulated by the National Firearms Act (such as machineguns, short barreled rifles or other weapons), a trust or an LLC may be the best vehicle for you.  Let me assist you with your firearms rights issues.


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