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The experience of an arrest has long-term negative affects on the arrested personís personal life and professional career. Even if you are not charged, the case is dismissed or you are found not guilty, if your criminal record contains any instances of accusation, arrest, charge, or deferred adjudication probation a potential employer will learn of that arrest and accusation when they perform a background check. In this day of computerized records and internet data, more and more employers and organizations are performing background checks for all applications for employment and even for volunteer positions. Therefore, it is in your best interest to have all criminal accusations expunged from your record whenever possible.

Contact the Law Offices of Sean Cody in Houston, Texas, to set up a free initial consultation and honest assessment of your unique situation. I am ready to take decisive action to clear your criminal record.

Your criminal record is public information and can be easily accessed by millions via the Internet and private investigators. This information can affect your ability to gain meaningful employment, possess a firearm, or even rent an apartment. Our Houston expunction lawyers have experience with the legal processes that are used to clear criminal records:

Expunction (also known as expungement) is the process through which your criminal record is completely erased or a particular charge is removed from the record. A misdemeanor charge can be expunged if you were found not guilty, or the charges were dismissed. Felonies can also be expunged in certain instances. Expunction is the only way to have these fully erased from your record for all employment and governmental purposes.

Houston Non-disclosure Lawyer

If your criminal record is not eligible for expunction, it may be eligible for non-disclosure. Petitions for non-disclosure may be filed if you have completed a deferred adjudication probation. The petition for non-disclosure asks the court to seal your record from the public. This option is not as complete as an expunction. The criminal record remains intact for government purposes such as police background checks.

In order to know if you qualify for expunction or a non-disclosure order, it is necessary to speak with an experienced attorney. If you would like to have an arrest or criminal charges removed from your record, contact the Law Office of Sean cody and ask to speak with me for a free initial consultation. I offer evening and weekend appointments and accept all major credit cards for the convenience of my clients.


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