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I have been practicing law in the Houston area since 1998.  I have helped numerous clients with their family law, criminal law and personal injury issues.  I am also a firearms rights attorney.   

I have been dedicated to the representation of clients in their times of need since I began my career.  I seek to assist my clients in finding a resolution to their problems and if a clients problem cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom, I am fully prepared to take their case to court and argue their case to a judge and a jury.

I offer free consultations on legal issues.  Please email me and we will discuss your problem.

I represent People in need of legal counsel in the following areas:

  1. Family Law:  Divorce, custody, child support modification, establishment of paternity and visitation, enforcement of court orders, adoption, protective orders
  2. Criminal Law:  Felony and misdemeanor
  3. Personal Injury:  Automobile & Semi-truck wrecks, Workplace injury
  4. Expunction and non-disclosure of criminal records
  5. Firearms Rights
  6. Firearms Trusts:

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       Houston, TX  77002
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